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Dev Diary: HR

Managing your employees and assigning them tasks is not enough. You need to take care of their motivation and skills, too! That’s what HR is for.

The HR UI is a file cabinet with employee files. In each file, you have a summary about the person. Here you can see their salary, weekly hours, information when they got hired and some background. Remember to track their satisfaction and workload and pay attention to the employee’s special skill.

Screenshot of the HR UI showing employee Bob Holme and his personal background.

  • The satisfaction will drop slowly over time, sometimes faster – if the employee is overworked, for example.
  • The workload lets you control if anyone has too much work or can take more tasks.
  • The special skill gives you a hint which tasks the person is better at. For example, the “lead acquisition and due diligence” skill is useful when you need to gather data on a contractor before you meet them. Special skills are: Project management, Production management, Post-sale account management and Lead acquisition and due diligence.

At the bottom of the employee’s file you can see three buttons: motivate, send for training, dismiss.

Motivation involves a personal commendation, a one-time bonus or a salary raise. You can use each method three times.

Screenshot of the HR UI showing employee Bob Holme and options to motivate him.

  • Personal commendation – a cost-free method that gives +37 satisfaction.
  • One-time bonus – has costs, but also gives more satisfaction, +57.
  • Salary raise – is permanent and costs the most, but also gives the biggest satisfaction boost, satisfaction rises to 100 and then worsens more slowly than before the raise.

The trainings are always related to the employee’s special skill. If you want to send Mr Bob for a training and he has the “Post-sale account management” skill, his training will be an Advanced Course in post-sale account management, which levels up his special skill effect.

Screenshot of the HR UI showing employee Bob Holme and the option to send him to an advanced cours in post-sale account management.

The third available option, dismissing, means firing an employee. We hope you won’t be in a situation where you have to do that – but it’s there.

And if you need someone new, who will lessen the workload on current employees or bring in a new skill the rest doesn’t have, don’t hesitate to hire someone. Just remember that you need to have money for that!

Screenshot of the HR UI showing candidate Dolores Nan and her background, special skill and terms.

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