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based in Poznań, Poland

Founding date:
May 2012

Company website:

PC - Steam / GOG.com



Coffee Noir is an experimental combination of a detective novel and a business management game with elegant 2D graphics in a comic-book style spiced up with jazz music and retrofuturistic feeling. It offers clever and challenging entertainment, with an advanced economic engine designed by academics and equipped with actual market functions giving a complex business simulation.

At first, Coffee Noir was designed as a serious game for educational purposes. Thanks to a lot of positive feedback from gamers and several prizes received at video game fairs, we decided to expand our idea. Improved graphics, professional voice-overs, more comic-style cutscenes, extended storyline, detective-style game events and point-n-click mini games - all for a true gaming experience focused on intelligent entertainment.


In an alternative future, the world of 2021 Neo-London is ruled by coffee. Player discovers the story as Arthur Oliver, a hard-boiled detective who unexpectedly becomes a part of Neo-London's dreadful puzzle and must find out why Richard Kersey - a local coffee market businessman - disappeared without a trace. He has to work undercover as a coffee salesman to gain the trust of the industry’s tycoons who might have the information that will help solve the case. The investigation won't be easy, as everything and everyone on the path seems to be entangled in it, even the past...


Business management

Manage your team, handle production, invest in promotion, and don’t let your coffee business go bankrupt - you have to plan your strategy carefully as you deal with limited resources!

Deep negotiations

Successfully negotiate and gain the trust of your business partners to not only win the good deals but also to get the clues essential for solving the criminal mystery.

Intriguing detective story

Feel the sweat on your brow while solving the case of Richard's disappearance. Don't get yourself easily swayed - this story may be more complicated than it may seem at first glance!

Noir audio-visual setting & full voicover

Coffee Noir is inspired by classic American comic books and equipped with film noir mood and retro-future ambiance with full English voice-overs. Feel the atmosphere of 40’s - retro-style interiors, smooth jazz, dense cigarette smoke, and a smell of good coffee while wearing the classy detective outfit...

Interactive comics

See the story unfold in the form of interactive comics with full SFX and voiceovers. Experience it like if you were holding a comic in your hands, but also… like if you were present right there, with the characters.

Realistic economics strategy

The game was developed with the support of professional economists and academics to provide you with a thorough business simulation experience.


PRESS - selected articles

Press reveal

Become an undercover detective. Manage the coffee business while investigating crimes. - Galaktus PR


Be a coffee tycoon and private eye in the newest genre: business management noir

Coffee Noir (somehow) blends an advanced business management sim with a hard-boiled detective novel. (...) Yes, I am interested in both running and managing a coffee company and solving a disappearance, and trying, as the site puts it, to "gain the trust of your business partners to not only win the good deals but also to get the clues essential for solving the criminal mystery. All of that, please.  - PC Gamer



Ph.D. Szymon Truskolaski

CEO/Game Design/Game scenario/Game economic engine

Jakub Ryfa

Game Design/Production/Art direction

Anita Sarna

PM/Game Design/Story

Aleksandra Ratajczak

Art Lead/UI

Karol Kroplewski

Game development/programming

Oskar Dajnowicz

Game development/programming


Kamil Popielski

Game design / community management


Ph.D. Łukasz Bryl

Game Design/Writing/Game economic engine

Maks Wawrzyniak

Game design / QA


Karolina Stachowiak

Social media


Ph.D. Justyna Majewska

Game economic engine

Piotr Surmacz

Writing support

Michał Ratkowski




Doji is an indie studio in Poznań, Poland that specializes in game development and education technology. We’re a small team composed of gamers, academics, economics specialists, game developers, streamers, content creators, and event organizers. We use that blend of experiences, characters, and skills in our team to create new projects and blaze trails in both industries. 

More information about company: doji.com.pl


Streaming permission

We allow and strongly encourage to use of materials captured from our game for the purposes of reviews, previews and "Lets' play" videos. You can also monetize such videos. Just remember to put the credits at least in the video description and link to our websites. Do not use any assets from our product in non-game focused content. In case of any unusual request - contact us. We may give you a proper consent.