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Dev Diary: Investigation Board

Your office isn’t just for company management. There’s one device in there that will help you organise detective information you collect – the Investigation Board. It’s made of three sections: clues, characters and connections graph.

In the clues section, there’s a list of all clues collected at a given point that needs to be connected with other information gathered during your investigation. When you click on one of them, you’ll see the description with some highlighted details you should pay attention to. You can connect clues you think have something in common, and if you succeed – congratulations, you’ve got yourself a proper conclusion which automatically goes to the connection graph section, and you’re closer to forming the full graph of the events!

This section contains photos of all characters you’ve heard about or already met during the investigation. Each of them has a description of the person it depicts and the list of clues that are somehow connected to this character. It should help you organize information and understand the contents of the clues in a wider context.

The graph shows all connections between clues you’ve discovered, and also those you’ve connected with their conclusions. Significant plots are marked with certain colours to help you see how they’re all correlated and form an intricate story together. You’ll progress here each time when you discover new clues and also when you succeed in connecting connectable clues in the clues section. Check out your progress and the full picture here once in a while! As you can see, it’s a must-have for any modern, neo-noir detective! And of course in Coffee Noir you can afford to have it in your own office. Enjoy!

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