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Dev Diary: Marketing

A screenshot from the game showing the marketing UI that looks like a table with sheets of paper and paper cards. To the left, coffee types are listed: classic standard, cappuccino standard, espresso standard. Classic has a note: A classic among classics. Roasted with traditional methods from known and tested grain species. A balanced and tried composition that has its place on the shelves of outlets and coffee makers of standard cafes. A good price and casual packaging will satisfy thrifty clients. Intended for middle aged people and seniors who appreciate classics and an uncomplicated ways of life: walks, public transport and using public spaces. In the middle, there's a title "active campaigns" with "megaphone advertising" under it. It's described like this: Cost 675 GBP weekly. Effects: Prepare and start the campaign - assign employee in management section. Remember that inactive campaign is also included in the cost. To the right there's a pile of paper sheets with campaigns to choose from. The readable one on top is "radio" described as: Sounds of freshly brewed coffee sell best! Reach every household in Neo-London! Enjoy the boundless reach of radio waves. Ads of your coffee between the news of the day and the best music. COST: 1,350 GBP weekly.

So, you have your coffee, you have your employees, but who will actually buy your products? Someone has to hear about them, right? That’s where the Marketing UI comes in.

In Marketing, you will select campaigns to try to get specific people’s attention. Coffee preferences depend on their age, social status and type of work. Let’s see how to use that to your advantage.

To the left, you have a list of products you have. Each of the products has two numbers, basic demand and campaign effect. Basic demand is the number of coffee units the buyers will purchase even without launching any marketing campaigns. Campaign effect is the additional number they’re buying because of the campaign you chose. Each product also has a description, where you can learn what kind of people like it.

In the middle, there are active campaigns. You can have up to two active campaigns at the same time. Here, you can see their names, costs, effects and the option to cancel them. As you can see in the effects description, you need to assign an employee to the campaign in the Management UI. Otherwise it won’t work. Remember that inactive campaigns also generate costs, but they don’t have effects like the active ones do.

And to the right, there’s a pile of inactive campaigns to choose from. Read their descriptions and try to assess which one will suit what you want to promote. Try to think which advertising method will appeal to specific type of person.

Good luck!

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