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Sorry, we’re latte

  • 29 December 2020
  • News

Hey, fellow detectives!

We want to inform you that we’ve decided to move Coffee Noir’s release to 2021 and an exact premiere date will be revealed in Q1. We did it for several reasons.

First of all, thank you for all the feedback about our demo released during Steam Autumn Festival. It’s been both a great success and a valuable lesson on what to do with the game in the next months. We’ve received a ton of comments – about the things you liked, suggestions on what should be changed, as well as some technical issue reports. What we perceive as a success is that since we’ve launched our demo, only a minor percentage of you reported critical crashes. It shows that the game is in good condition, though it obviously still requires some adjustments and bug fixes.

Currently we’re finishing the last stage of development (the rest of voiceover recordings, engine balancing, final graphic touches) and investigating all reports as well as your suggestions, still from our home offices. The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously changed the way our work is organized and things are taking more time than we could’ve predicted at the beginning of the year. Coffee Noir game is our self-published product, while we’re still working on B2B projects for corporate clients to keep our company going. We often mention the huge amount of work we have in our small time, but we always try to avoid crunching at all costs. That is another reason why we let ourselves work on Coffee Noir for longer, to allow good working conditions for all of us in this tough year, and more time to add or fix things you, as our community, have mentioned. We really want our game to be as polished as possible on the day of the release, so we hope you’ll understand our decision. Thank you for your patience and all the kind words we received in the last few months.

Demo of Coffee Noir is still available on Steam, so if you haven’t played it before, now’s your chance! All your feedback is very precious for us!

See you all in Neo-London in 2021,
Doji Games team

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