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Dev Update 27/02/20

Hello, today we bring more news about polishing and finishing things!

  • The Investigation Board will be ready any time now. Currently, we’re working on the way the clues are linked to each other and how that’s communicated to the player, but other than that – the Board is done.
  • We’re polishing the SFX in cutscenes and comics.
  • Final texts in the game, including dialogues in comics, are almost finished.
  • We’re implementing a mechanic that warns the player about possible problems in production if the player has a shortage of coffee at the end of a chapter.
  • We also have to prepare the alerts about the production problems. The graphics are ready, we just need to prepare the text and general style of the alert windows, so we’ll show an example soon!
  • Character descriptions are almost ready – just a few of them missing – and the finished ones are also translated.

When we share graphics, feel free to give us feedback on Steam, Discord, Facebook and Twitter.

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