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Dev Update 19/02/2020

Good to see you again! It’s that time of the week time to share what our coffee energy is spent on.

  • We are working on an unique (and secret!) mechanic that will appear in late stages of the game.
  • Graphics are being adjusted and still drawn. Some of these are not that secret, so we’ll share something soon. Stay tuned, detectives.
  • Investigation board is further developed, description of clues and phrases for clue linking are being prepared.
  • We are also preparing a list of all quests by chapters in the game to achieve the clear and understandable path for the player.
  • Characters are ready to do business with you, but they need some in-game descriptions, so that you can read about those who want to rip you off and buy your coffee as cheaply as possible!

Come drink coffee with us on Steam, Discord, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be more than happy to discuss both our game and coffee preferences there.

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