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Dev Update 06/02/2020

February is more sunny and warm than ever, almost hot, and so is the work on Coffee Noir now!

We’re working on the final batch of the game and refining some of its elements. We were also able to confirm that we have solutions to some concerns mentioned on Twitter.

  • The work on the Marketing UI is continued, currently we focus on the mechanics and their descriptions for development.
  • We confirmed that we’ll be able to implement audio accessibility with an option to switch it off and on. Read more here.
  • The Lead Artist works on one of the comics that appear in the last part of the game. Exciting noir stuff we obviously won’t spoil!
  • Meanwhile, a new website for Doji is being developed. It’s actually going to be much more simple and working more smoothly than it is.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Contact/follow us on Steam, Discord, Facebook and Twitter. See you there!

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