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Dev Update 28/01/2020

Here’s our first dev update of 2020!

  • Part of our forces had to be switched to another B2B project, the rest is working hard on finishing batch of the CN game.
  • We designed and drew the Marketing UI from scratch, including the new mechanics. We made campaign management more simple and intiuitive.
  • Remember the office we showed at the beginning of January? It is now fully implemented into the game build.
  • We also handled the most complicated and complex UI in the game, Management. It’s also going to be more user-friendly.
  • A new board for viewing quests was designed.
  • We finished an interesting dining scene, where food is relevant to the storyline. Best kind of food!

…and more. 2020 is a year of mixing working on other projects with our favourite one – Coffee Noir. We expanded our team and work on improving the management as well! See you in the next dev update.

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