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Dev Update 11/12/19

It’s time for December’s second Dev Update. We’re working hard on Coffee Noir, but also preparing for Christmas.

  • The UI window of Sales is almost finished; the graphics have been prepared and sent to development.
  • The new version of the Investigation Board is ready for the programmers to implement; it underwent some small changes and UX improvement since we last showed it.
  • Other B2B projects we work on right now and will work on in 2020 were discussed as well. We’re a business tycoon in real life, heading into 2020’s just like Arthur Oliver in Coffee Noir!
  • We discussed about how to divide our work with checking dialogue files. We need to do one big check to confirm whether they are essentially correct in regards to the tycoon part of the game and if there are no storyline mistakes. This is our most important task in this real-life tycoon here.
  • We also talked about the methods of adding audiodescription to our dialogues in a way that allows switching it on and off. We want to allow a setting like this, because some of you might want to switch the sound descriptions off.
  • And the most important thing, we’re preparing a Christmas Eve dinner in our workplace on the last day before the Christmas holiday! Each of us will bring something delicious to eat.

Of course, we also continue tasks mentioned in our previous update. If you want to know more about our audio accessibility, see this Dev Blog!

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