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Dev Update 21/11/19

Another round of our strategic adventure with Coffee Noir has started!

  • A new quest for us! Our team is working on a completely new version of the mechanics of linking clues on the Investigation Board! We’ve developed them further so that they allow the player to deduce information from the clues like a true detective. On Monday, we’ve discussed the mechanics and created mockups for the programmers.
  • Aleksandra has leveled up, but keeps grinding the XP: she’s finished the mockup for Management UI, so we started developing it, and she started working on overhauling the next UI.
  • We continue transcribing dialogues to twinery. It’s a boring, but very satisfying quest.
  • Jakub had to be delegated to another B2B project, so we’ve temporarily lost a battle unit.
  • We’re polishing the ending of the storyline. The general plot is ready, but we need to make briefs for artists and writers to nicely put it all together in film noir style. That’s a very important mission!
  • More comics are being drawn.
  • Anita has lost a lot of HP, so she’s resting today. Remember to drink a lot of health potions and rest at the checkpoint, Anita!

We hope to win this round quickly and move on with more quests to deliver the best Coffee Noir possible. See you next week!

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