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Dev Update 14/11/19

Hello, it’s us with our second Dev Update! At our meeting this week we discussed multiple functionalities and UI changes in the game.

  • We improved the dialogue screen a lot. The visuals and UI have been tweaked.
  • You can see that UI in the screenshots below this update! The dialogue screens are a lot clearer now, they went a long way since the initial design.
  • We changed the speech bubbles, the design of the “console” at the bottom of the screen, the location where Arthur’s dialogue appears – in the “console” instead of separate bubbles – and we added a new Arthur’s portrait.
  • We talked about the Investigation UI and its functionalities. It’ll work in a better, more understandable way.
  • The process of starting a new game has been improved. Previously, the database loading took a lot of time, now the loading screen lasts 2 seconds.
  • Our Lead Artist continues drawing graphics and the Game Designer continues preparing briefs for the visuals for the last chapters of the gameplay.
  • The coffee consumption in the office rises, as we implement all the improvements we decided on.
  • After adding new functionalities, the coffee consumption grows even more, because we need to fix some game elements. Adding modified views, dividing the game into chapters and new functionalities have disturbed the balance of the game. Łukasz started remodeling variable influences, prices and multipliers in his excel sheets, so that the game economy would be sensible and balanced again… He has a PhD in economics, so we hope he knows what he’s doing.
  • We also thought a lot about UX of new in-game windows, some of which we’ve already shown in our social media.

This is the old design of our dialogue UI:

This is the new design of our dialogue UI:

That is all for this week. Let us know if you like the changes in the dialogue screen!

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