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The Neo-London

There is a lot of stuff going on right now with the production of the game. To be honest, the development of Coffee Noir has never been so intense and it’s quite a busy time for us since we’re a small team. Nevertheless we’ll try to cover all the aspects regularly and post dev blogs here and dev diaries on Steam.

The world of Coffee Noir presents an alternative reality – there was no World War II, for some reasons (it will be explained in the game) the fashion, music, applied art and pop culture has stopped at 40’/50′ style.

Most of well-known noir movies takes place in USA, we wanted to use the unique atmosphere of the London city and show it from a different perspective.

Basically we used old photos of 40’/50′ cities to create the environment, for a larger screens we used London photos as references, adding some accents and elements suggesting that there this is a “different” 40s style London than we know – like advertising zeppelins, a lot of neons, retro-future electronics.

It was fun to search the internet for authentic photos of London and the city had (in fact, still has) undeniable charm.

The world will be presented during cutscenes and loading screens. The game won’t focus on discovering locations – instead, Neo-London and it’s story will be shown as a series of interesting facts.

We still have a lot to do. Right now we’re working on new Neo-London screens. We have some work-in-progress artworks like this one:

We will post our progress soon!

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