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Why we killed Early Access

Probably as many other games, Coffee Noir came a long and bumpy way during its development. From purely educational, serious game developed by the small founders’ team of our Doji Studio, transformed to the product suitable for Steam and casual gamers.

Last year we planned to release Coffee Noir in the Early Access stage somewhere around Fall 2018, then postponed it to Q1 of 2019. We polished graphics, added some animations, boosted UI with retro-noir touch, rewrote plot and dialogues to give them more swift and engaging feeling – all to achieve the proper quality and coherent, extraordinary style. But we still need more time to finish the game as a standalone product. You would ask – why are you doing it so long? Postponing again? Will you ever finish it, guys?

Speaking frankly – if we were given such convienent chance to work on this project only, it would very likely be available now for you all to play. But such scenario is very often a dream of a common indie game developer. As company offering also B2B gamification systems and with realtively small team (10 people on a daily basis) we must often switch all of our attention to other projects, the ones which keeps us going financially.

But this situation cannot go on forever, right? That is why we decided that instead of Early Access stage in Q1 we want to give you the final product in Q4 this year. And it’s the final deadline – no more place for excuses on our side. So support us in this hardworking time, add us to the wishlist on Steam (very important for us!) and follow us on our social media where we’ll post news and interesting facts about the game!


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